Transforming Ideas Into Reality

A single idea, no matter how big or small, how simple or complicated, can change the world. For almost two decades we have helped our customers achieve their vision. Let us accommodate you in your dynamic pursuit towards revolutionizing an idea into an innovative product.

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Mission Critical, Achieved

We are a proud supplier to several of the world's fastest-growing aerospace companies. Our certification in space electronics assembly helped ensure the reliability of their mission critical products built at Megaforce. We continue to support their advancements in space technology.

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Shared Passions

Since our very beginning, customer satisfaction
and product quality has always been our primary objective. Our quality values do not just end at a
product level but also embraced at every level of
the organization. The foundation of Megaforce’s
success is our people.

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Service at
Your Speed

We thrive on time-sensitive requirements. Our quick
turn-around times have helped customers achieve
shorter time-to-market releases on their products. Our manufacturing process allows for complete flexibility.

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