customer focus

Total Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

Customer Focus Teams (CFT’s) are created to service and adapt to your current and changing needs and/or requirements.  Your CFT is tailored to manage your unique set of requirements and has a common purpose, to ensure your expectations are met if not exceeded.  Every member of your CFT shares this customer-focused vision. 

Team meetings are held to review all aspects of customer expectations to make certain they are being met on a daily basis.

Megaforce’s dedicated cross-functional teams, with representatives from quality, engineering, program management, marketing, and materials management, stay with the product from concept design through production and final distribution. These teams serve as an extension of the customer's own staff.

Transforming Ideas Into Reality

A single idea, no matter how big or small, how simple or complicated, can change the world.

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At Megaforce Corporation we offer a challenging workplace that allows you to use your expertise to make a difference for our customers.

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Commitment To Quality

Megaforce believes that quality values must be internalized at every level of the organization.

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